We are so proud of Blackburn Consulting’s newest Professional Engineers: Sergio and Daniel!

Daniel Contreras, P.E. joined Blackburn in 2013. Like Sergio, Daniel has also worn many different hats as a Blackburn representative. He started as a part-time laboratory technician, but his can-do attitude and attention to detail quickly made him a go-to for support on environmental assessments, forensic investigations, subsurface investigations, spreadsheet review and organization, materials testing, and anything else we needed. Although most of his time is now spent on engineering tasks, you can still regularly find Daniel helping in the lab, covering a last-minute concrete pour, stopping by a job site for an eleventh-hour proposal photo, or using his advantageous height to hang office decorations or reach something on the top shelf. We’re so glad his employment contract says he can never leave. Daniel and his wife, Jessica, grew up down the street from each other and recently bought their first house in Davis.

Sergio Tostado, P.E. started as a project engineer with Blackburn in 2011. Over the years, he’s helped the company in many different capacities. He’s done more than his fair share of laboratory testing, executed both standard and challenging subsurface investigations, assisted with engineering analysis and report preparation, spent long days and nights in the field as a materials tester/construction inspector. Most recently he took on additional office, laboratory, and field tasks to support our growing Construction Services department. Our employees and clients love Sergio for the same reason: he’s awesome. His friendly personality and tireless work ethic make him a joy to work with. Sergio and his wife, Leticia, live in West Sacramento with their two beautiful daughters, Valeria and Emma.