California High Speed Rail (Right-Of-Way Acquisition)


California High Speed Rail




Fresno, Madera, and Kings Counties, CA


2013 – Present


Blackburn Consulting conducted over seventy Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for right-of-way (ROW) acquisition of parcels along the preferred train route.  The Phase I ESA’s included dairy operations, poultry farms, agricultural operations/maintenance facilities, residential homes, and landfill sites. Blackburn identified potential site issues through historical and regulatory records searches, site inspections, and owner interviews. We then compiled the assessments into a comprehensive report to present findings and recommendations for further Phase II ESAs.


For seventeen properties, Blackburn prepared Phase II ESAs to assess the presence of hazardous materials. We planned our subsurface exploration based on our Phase I ESA recommendations to further define hazardous material issues that may affect property acquisition, project planning, design, and/or construction. We evaluated sites including underground fuel and solvent storage tanks, pesticide application and storage, and auto and truck maintenance operations.


For each Phase II assessment, Blackburn advanced borings to retrieve soil samples. Based on site history, Blackburn analyzed samples to screen for contaminants of concern including petroleum hydrocarbons, organochlorine pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and metals. We also conducted asbestos and lead assessments in building materials. Blackburn’s Phase II ESA reports present analytical data and regulatory screening levels and provided important conclusions and recommendations for construction activities at the respective sites.