City of Roseville On-Call Materials Testing & Inspection


City of Roseville


Materials Testing


Roseville, CA


2016 – Present


Blackburn Consulting provides on-call materials testing for both the Development and Public Works Departments at the City of Roseville.


For the Campus Oaks Development, Blackburn Consulting performed materials testing for improvements to:

  • Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard,
  • Blue Oaks Boulevard,
  • Painted Desert Drive,
  • Crimson Ridge Way,
  • HP Way Phase 1, and
  • HP Way Phase 2.

These projects included installation of deep sanitary sewer and storm drain, domestic water, reclaimed water, and joint utilities. Roadway improvements included new roadway from 40 to 56 feet in width with lime treated subgrade, curb, gutter and sidewalk, and traffic roundabouts.


Blackburn performed compaction tests on roadway hot mix asphalt and aggregate base, observed and tested lime treated roadway subgrade, observed subgrade proof rolling, and various laboratory tests. When the contractor encountered unstable subgrade within existing roadway areas, Blackburn engineers quickly provided geotechnical recommendations to mitigate so construction could continue without delay.