County Roads 27, 140, and 152

Yolo County Rd 27


Yolo County


Yolo County, CA


2014 – 2018


Through an on-call geotechnical engineering and materials testing contract, Blackburn Consulting worked on several roadway rehabilitation projects.


Our geotechnical services included:

  • subsurface investigations,
  • laboratory mix design programs,
  • pavement design, and
  • full depth reclamation with cement (FDR-C) recommendations.


During construction, Blackburn’s materials testing services included:

  • compaction testing,
  • checking of pulverization depth and gradation,
  • percent cement added in the field,
  • moisture conditioning and compaction,
  • laboratory fabricated unconfined compressive strength testing, and
  • sampling and testing during hot mix asphalt placement.


Because the FDR-C rehabilitation method requires cement-treated soil, all construction testing had to be completed within two hours of sampling. Blackburn immediately transported samples from the project site to our in-house lab to complete testing within the required time frame.


Blackburn’s field representatives also performed testing on-site to verify gradation after pulverization. This allowed the contractor to react in real time, make any needed adjustments, and avoid costs associated with later corrections.