Dixon Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Project


City of Dixon


Materials Testing


Dixon, CA


2015 – 2016


The Dixon Wastewater Treatment Plant Project consisted of modification of existing features and new construction at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project included the addition of an influent junction box and pump station and new:

  • headworks and oxidation splitter,
  • vactor truck receiving station,
  • oxidation ditches,
  • aeration blower,
  • secondary clarifiers,
  • RAS pump station, and
  • operation building.


Blackburn Consulting provided materials testing of concrete, masonry, and grout during construction. Concrete testing included continuous quality assurance testing of slump and air content of ready-mix concrete and casting and testing concrete cylinders for compressive strength. We also tested concrete for dry shrinkage. Blackburn field representatives performed special inspection during construction of the CMU operations building for block and grout placement, as well as grout, mortar, and masonry prisms. Blackburn also performed relative humidity and concrete vapor emissions tests to determine acceptability of concrete prior to installation of coatings.