Lincoln City Hall

Lincoln City Hall


City of Lincoln


Materials Testing


Lincoln, CA


2005 – 2008


In 2008, the City of Lincoln unveiled their new 4-story city hall building. Blackburn Consulting provided both geotechnical services for design and earthwork testing and observation services during construction.


During construction, the contractor’s mass grading of the site revealed features that could be related to past mining activities on the site. This caused concern that the site could be unsuitable to support a multi-story structure. Through extensive historic research, Blackburn discovered that historic coal mining had occurred near the site in the late 1800’s. We quickly developed and implemented a subsurface exploration program to rule out the potential location of the mine beneath the proposed building. Our information gave the project team the confidence they needed to move forward with construction at the proposed building site and avoid further delay.


Sacramento Business Journal’s 2008 Best New Public Project