Lincoln High School Farm Improvements

Lincoln HS Farm


Western Placer Unified School District


Materials Testing


Lincoln, CA


2016 – 2017


A unique use of 500 acres, the Lincoln High School Farm provides students with hands-on agriculture and natural resources experience. The farm offers classes, field trips, and community events that educate about wood technology/construction, media arts, biomed, computer science, engineering, and three agricultural pathways; agriscience, welding and diesel mechanics.


In 2016, WPUSD broke ground on a redesigned farm. Blackburn Consulting provided geotechnical recommendations for improvements for a new quad and welding facility that involved:

  • addition of a single story steel classroom/shop building,
  • new water tank,
  • onsite utilities, and
  • concrete paving.

Blackburn performed subsurface investigations and made geotechnical engineering recommendations for the steel framed building, pavement design, water tank foundation, and seismic considerations.


During construction, Blackburn provided materials testing for:

  • the over excavation and compaction of the building pad,
  • compaction of pavement subgrade and aggregate base,
  • concrete sampling of building foundations, concrete paving, and electrical transformer slabs.

Blackburn also performed special inspection:

  • anchor bolt sampling and testing,
  • high-strength bolt testing and inspection, and
  • welding inspection of structural steel components and roof deck which included shop fabrication and field welding of JCPC and fillet welds.

Blackburn performed testing and inspection in accordance with the approved DSA project documents and DSA guidelines.