Live Oak Pump Station and Force Main Replacement


City of Galt


Materials Testing


Sacramento County, CA


2012 – 2013


The Live Oak Pump Station and Force Main Replacement project included installation of:

  • a 9.5 million gallon per day raw sewage pump station,
  • a masonry electrical control building,
  • surface improvements at the pump station site
  • 12,950 linear feet of 24-inch diameter sewer force main,
  • 2,030 linear feet of 30-inch gravity sewer, and
  • roadway restoration.

Blackburn Consulting completed a Geotechnical Report that was used as a basis for design of the project and provided on-call geotechnical engineering during the life of the project. At the new pump station site, we discovered piles of soil, concrete, and asphalt debris scattered across the surface. We determined through review of historic aerial photographs there had previously been a detention basin on the site. Additional research revealed a local agency had filled the basin with excess soil and construction debris from other projects. We provided the approximate lateral and vertical extent of the undocumented fill along with recommendations for overexcavating, processing and reusing the fill to construct the project.


Blackburn provided all quality assurance testing of soils, concrete, and hot mix asphalt performed in accordance with both Sacramento County and project specifications. Blackburn also provided ICC Special Inspection for reinforcing steel and masonry for concrete and masonry structures. When the construction management firm experienced staffing difficulties, Blackburn quickly adjusted our scope to close the gap and provide construction inspection of gravity and force main sewer pipeline installations in County right-of-way and of structural concrete placement.