Regional San On-Call Geotechnical Engineering Services


Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District




Sacramento, CA


2016 – 2017


Blackburn Consulting provided on-call geotechnical investigation, evaluation, and design services for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San). Projects from this contract included:

  • Saturated Soil Volume Assessment Report — Blackburn performed an investigation to determine the volume of sewer wastewater remaining within the soils of a dry creek following an accidental sewer system discharge. We prepared a report to summarize findings for Regional San.
  • Lined Dedicated Land Disposal Unit 5 — Blackburn provided expedited lab testing during installation of clay liner.
  • Sailor Bar Sewer Pump Station Pavement Settlement Evaluation – Blackburn investigated and prepared a Geotechnical Finding Memo on the potential cause(s) and mitigation considerations for pavement settlement in the northwest corner of the Sailor Bar Sewer Pump Station site.
  • Arden Forcemain Parkway Sinkhole Evaluation – Blackburn investigated the potential cause(s) and provided repair recommendations for 20 sinkholes near the Arden Force Main alignment. Blackburn performed subsurface investigation, surveying, and engineering analysis and met with Regional San to discuss our findings and repair recommendations.


Blackburn delivered each task order on time and within budget. In several instances, we expedited services to help projects stay on schedule. Blackburn provided quick response when Regional San determined the need for additional services due to changing project requirements.