Sierra Vista Campus Conversion

Sierra Vista 1


Vacaville Unified School District


Materials Testing


Vacaville, CA


2015 – 2018


With the support of Measure A funds, Vacaville Unified School District transformed the Sierra Vista elementary school campus to make room for middle school operations. Blackburn Consulting provided services for the first two phases of the conversion which included:

  • new science and multi-purpose building additions,
  • associated pavement, and
  • underground utility improvements.

Blackburn completed subsurface explorations, laboratory testing, and engineering analysis to provide geotechnical design recommendations. We also prepared a geo-hazard report in accordance with DSA requirements.

During construction, Blackburn Consulting provided materials testing and special inspection to verify the materials used met project plans and specifications and DSA requirements. We observed and tested:

  • mass grading (including building pads),
  • parking lot grading,
  • subgrade and building pad stabilization with lime,
  • concrete,
  • pavement,
  • trench backfill,
  • structural steel,
  • masonry, and
  • post-installed anchors.

Blackburn prepared DSA verified reports to document testing and inspection results.