State Route 65 Widening/Joiner Parkway Bridge Overhead, Phases I and II

SR 65 - Joiner


City of Lincoln


Materials Testing


Placer County, California


1998 – 2006


For Phase I of this project, Blackburn Consulting prepared Caltrans-reviewed Foundation and Materials Reports for the 400-foot long Lincoln Parkway (renamed Joiner Parkway) bridge that spans SR 65/UPRR tracks. This phase also involved widening approximately 1-mile of SR65. During Phase 1 construction, Blackburn provided materials testing services for approach fill (night work), abutment backfill, structural concrete, roadway subgrade, aggregate base, and hot mix asphalt paving using Caltrans certified field representatives.


For Phase II, Blackburn prepared the Caltrans-reviewed Foundation Report for the Phase II bridge adjacent to the Phase 1 bridge. We also provided materials testing services during construction of Phase II.


During construction, the contractor encountered unstable pavement subgrade and rocky fill. Blackburn quickly developed lime treatment recommendations to mitigate unstable subgrade and provided a performance specification for rocky fill compaction. The rapid geotechnical support minimized construction delays.