Tertiary Treatment and Disinfection Facility

City of Fresno Tertiary Treatment Plant Inspections - 2


City of Fresno


Materials Testing


Fresno, CA


2014 – 2016


Upgrades to this 5MG per day plant included membrane filtration and UV disinfection improvements, along with several tie-ins into existing facilities and upgrade of the existing aeration basin for effluent storage. Blackburn Consulting provided full-time inspection services for this wastewater treatment project. As the City’s representative, Blackburn:

  • coordinated materials testing and special inspection services,
  • performed initial review and processing of submittals and RFI’s, and
  • documented and tracked labor, equipment, and change order activities.


Although our scope included only inspection services, we provided additional support to the construction management team with plan and specification interpretation and review and response to RFIs and change orders. Our field representative’s grasp of engineering design and construction principles provided valuable perspective that strengthened the team’s ability to deliver a successful project.