West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency Levee Evaluations


West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency




West Sacramento, CA


2015 – 2018


To comply with state-mandated Urban Levee of Flood Protection requirements, the West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (WSAFCA) is developing a baseline 200-year Flood Program. In support of this program, Blackburn Consulting identified geotechnical problems and evaluated mitigation alternatives for over 20 miles of levee surrounding the City of West Sacramento. Our investigation included preparation of:

  • Geotechnical Problem Identification Report: We provided a summary of geotechnical levee deficiencies for the levee systems surrounding West Sacramento based on our review and evaluation of the major relevant geotechnical reports prepared by others for the West Sacramento levee system.
  • Geotechnical Alternatives Analysis Report: We identified subsurface conditions, geotechnical deficiencies, recent improvements, and mitigation recommendations for each of the levee segments.
  • Technical Memorandum: We helped identify potential geotechnical deficiencies and viable mitigation alternatives and costs resulting from the increased water surface elevation associated with a potential closure structure on the Deep Water Ship Channel. Blackburn evaluated potential geotechnical impacts to the existing levee to assist development of potential levee improvement costs associated with the proposed closure.